Bible Study Questions

16 MAY

  1. Job speaks some very profound (deep) words about God in Job 14.1-5. He explains that God is in total control (God is Sovereign). This teaching sometimes discourages people, (as with Job in chapter 14), but why should this doctrine be an encouragement to us?
  2. Have you ever wondered why so many Christians are so negative? The third ‘friend’ Zophar makes two speeches. What caused him to make the statements in 11.6 and 20.4-7? How can Christians learn to moan less and be more positive and uplifting?
  3. How can Job 31.1 be used to help young Christian men today?
  4. Does chapter 29 give another dimension (side) to Job’s character?
  5. Do you think Job 30:1-10 mirrors or demonstrates any aspects of the suffering of our Saviour, the Lord Jesus?




  1. In Job 8, Bildad (one of Job’s friends) makes his first speech. What do you think 8.2-3 and (18.2) tells us about his character?
  2. Job refuses to respond to Bildad’s provocation (chapter 9). How did Job deflect Bildad’s harsh words? What can we learn and apply from Job’s response (9.1-5)?
  3. Is Job describing hell (10.21-22)? Why do some groups like the Jehovah Witnesses, annihilationists (believe that there’s no hell)?
  4. Bildad’s last words are found in chapter 25. None of the three friends spoke after this. Bildad’s words were constructed to be cutting and harsh, yet with New Testament light, his words (25.6) are in some ways quite profound (deep). Why?