Sundays at 4:00 pm – 5:00 pm (suspended until further notice)



Grace Baptist Church Grays seeks to reach as many children and young people as possible with the Gospel of Jesus Christ. This will be expressed through the work of evangelistic Sunday Schools. Over the course of the year there will also be outings, parties and other special occasions.

 All Sunday School teachers are members of the church, who are committed to imparting soul saving Biblical truths to the children and teenagers in their classes.

 Furthermore, all Sunday school teachers are all  DBS checked and the property is  regularly assessed for potential risk, as we are devoted to the well being and safety of the children physically, as well as spiritually.

 As a result, with large numbers of children in attendance behavioural problems can arise. The golden rule in our supervision of children is ‘Prevention is better than cure’. All staff are well prepared in advance to manage behavior by qualified and experienced teachers to be watchful and ready to avert potentially difficult situations. We are committed to providing a disciplined, ordered and a safe environment.



 We are a group of people from varying backgrounds but we have one major thing in common; we all have been transformed by the power of God. The church has had a presence in Grays as far back as 1892,  and as those early Christians met together in Grays to worship; today we also worship the Lord together in simple straightforward services with an atmosphere of reverent joy. The focus of the service is always teaching from God’s Word the Bible.

We are a Reformed Baptist church and who have a Baptist confession of Faith.

All your children shall be taught by the Lord, and great shall be the peace of your children

Mark 8:36



It is clear for all to see; children today and the morals are on a downward spiral. It has become a norm to hear teenagers stabbing each other, jumping on mopeds and stealing peoples belongings, dealing drugs, attacking the elderly and having no respect for authority, whether it be the police or their parents. Furthermore, this is happening world with limitless access of information and education from the online world. Peoples rights and discrimination, though not perfect, is the best it has been for a long time. Nevertheless, for all the charities and the government programs, nothing seems to be working. The children are not growing up! They are immature and ignorant to the reality of the world.


Society is changing and the Britain is now in a post Christian era. God’s word and moral standards is no longer being taught to the children. Instead they get their moral compass from the media and social justice warriors on the internet, which causes further ……..

‘I send thee, To open their eyes, and to turn them from darkness to light.’ Acts 26.17,18

Sunday School teachers have the great privilege of being ambassadors for the Lord Jesus Christ, through teaching the Gospel to young souls.

At Grace Baptist Church Grays, all Sunday School teachers, all members of the church, who are committed to imparting soul saving Biblical truths to the children and teenagers in their classes.

We believe that young children can be saved from the perils of this present atheistic and immoral world. Sunday School teachers, therefore, have a duty to teach children the five Biblical doctrines necessary for salvation, always expressed very plainly.

Week by week, carefully taught Sunday School children come to see that in order to be saved and find the Lord, moved by the Holy Spirit, they can and must:

  1. Believe in God Who created us, and all things
  2. See themselves as sinners in God’s sight
  3. Repent sincerely of their sin
  4. Put their trust in the Lord Jesus Christ 
  5. Look to a ‘better Land’

Sunday School teachers must diligently prepare their lessons, ensuring that the applicable pillars are included.





Have you told  a lie in your life? (Could you even count how many?) What would you call someone who has told countless lies? Have you ever stolen something? (chewing gum, money or a music online?) Have you looked at a person with sexual intent or watched pornography and thus committing adultery in your heart? Have you used Gods name in vain? These questions refer to just 4 of the 10 commandments. The Bible says that everyone is guilty and that there is no one that is good enough for heaven. In fact, their isn’t a more prideful statement to say than, that you do deserve heaven off your own merit! God knows every sin you have thought and everything you have done and He will account for it all!

The cost of sin is an eternity in hell. It is God’s prison, where no bail is given, and his wrath is poured out on the guilty forever. Don’t play around with this! Give it urgent thought as you could die today and end up in hell! Do not gamble all of your eternity. there is no place for liars and adulterers in Heaven. He will give you what you deserve.……





God so loved the world, that he gave his only Son, that whoever believes in him should not perish but have eternal life.  (John 3:16)

God loved you so much that he sent his only son to die for your sins. God put his own son in the judgement seat, where you deserved to be, and punished Jesus Christ instead of you. Jesus was happy to die and to take the wrath of God for you. And the Father punished His son, because through this there became a way for His people to enter into heaven.

Jesus, God in the flesh, lived a perfect life without sin, and as a result he could pay for the sins of others. Jesus Christ rose up from the dead, and thus defeated death. This signified the complete payment of your sins after 3 days, which would take any man an eternity to pay off!

Therefore on judgement day, when you stand before God the judge,  He will look at your case and see that your fine has been paid, for by the death and blood of Jesus Christ and that you can go free into heaven for all eternity.

Heaven as a result can only be received as a free gift. That gift is the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ, who is Lord and Saviour to all who believe and trust in Him……this is the Gospel!


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